Treasures at Home: A Busy Moms’ Retreat


When we were stuck at home in 2020, so many of us were posting on social media about how blessed we were to have our families. While we were driving one another a bit crazy, there was a genuine understanding, amidst the uncertainty of a pandemic, that it was better to be trapped in a house with these people all day every day than to not have them in our lives at all.

And yet. How easy that is to forget when life carries on and the days are long.

Our Treasures

Inspired by that sad reality, I wrote a new Busy Moms’ Retreat on the theme Treasures at Home. I began it while I was not at home, away on a personal retreat, simultaneously enjoying the uninterrupted moments of prayer and suffering the sadness of being so far from my people.

As Scripture warns us: we must “not store up for [ourselves] treasures on earth.”

I weighed the seeming juxtaposition of treasuring my family so deeply while at the same time being in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the intimacy of prayer. I pondered how, in many ways, they are the same. Because our families and our relationships with them (on good days, albeit) reflect the beatific vision.

If you experience this quandary, too, the necessity to be in the world and not of the world while at home with your children, perhaps the reflections in the Treasures at Home Busy Moms’ Retreat will inspire you anew. My prayer is that all of us will take a little time amidst our daily duties to pray for more Heaven on earth and find ways to bring the treasures of Heaven into our homes!

A Mindset Reset, a Retreat

How does a Busy Moms’ Retreat work? Choose a theme (there are now 5 in the shop). Decide when to do the retreat, on your own or with friends (or join me next week, October 3-7, 2022 on our Treasures at Home Plus Virtual Retreat)! Then prayerfully work through the sections in the retreat guide as you’re able. The flexibility of these retreats is perfect for busy Catholic homeschooling moms like us!

Our ultimate goal for our families should be Heaven, but that can easily get lost in the everyday of our earthly lives. When life gets busy, it's essential to reflect on where our treasures truly are and direct our attention to Heavenly treasure. This ten-page retreat guide includes six retreat portions with prayers, questions for reflection, links to talks and articles, and more, all centered around the theme of Treasures at Home, focusing on the inspiring words of Matthew 6:19-21.

You can purchase your retreat guide download here today!

Pray with Me

But if you’re not sure if you’ll set aside the time to actually use the guide and need some accountability, consider joining us next week for the virtual retreat version! My virtual retreats include a printable journal to help us work through the retreat guide, daily videos to introduce each day’s materials and provide optional challenges to implement the retreat content in your life, and daily Zoom calls to discuss the themes of the retreat and pray together at the end of each day!

Save your seat today for the October 3-7, 2022 Treasures at Home Plus Virtual Retreat here!

Either way, I pray this theme blesses you and your family as we seek the things of Heaven amidst our daily duties.

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