This School Year’s Golden Secret to Success


Is there one simple mom-to-mom secret that can make this homeschooling year the best one yet? Absolutely! But it may not be what you think… 

The pencils are sharpened. The maps are hung. The books are clean and all in a row.

Our plans are written (or, at least, outlined as much as can be, here at the beginning of the school year).

Our resolutions are strong.

This will be the year we finally teach poetry.
This will be the year we don’t lose our patience during math.
This will be the year we are consistent with Catechism lessons, so we can enjoy rich conversations around the dinner table about religion.

Our intentions are golden!

But we worry, too.

Will I be able to help my son catch up in writing?
Will my daughter find the friends she so desperately wants?
Will some life-changing event, like another pregnancy or a severe illness in the family, knock us all off course?

The answer is…yes, no, I don’t know…and—most importantly—this: It doesn’t matter.

Here’s what matters...

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