Enjoy your homeschool planning this summer! Let me help!

Choosing the best curriculum for your family + creating a realistic plan + building routines that work + praying for God's will = your best homeschool year yet!

Don't let preparing for next school year rob you of your summer fun!

Heart of a Mother is here to walk you step by step through getting ready for a homeschool year full of peace and confidence!

Through Homeschooling with Heart: Jenny's Planning Toolkit, you'll tailor a plan for your family, not my family.

I'll teach you what to consider as you make each decision, resulting in a plan you can trust, because you prayerfully discerned your choices from a place of rest!

The summer bootcamps helped me gain a lot of peace in my decisions this school year. I also felt that I was well equipped to question anything that needed to change in terms of plans and habits. ~ Meghan
Jenny always breaks things down into manageable pieces, and everything involves prayer and discernment (which are essential but often forgotten or overlooked in importance elsewhere). ~ Brittany

You don't have to plan alone! Let Jenny guide you step by step!

Homeschooling with Heart is a three-week course for busy Catholic homeschooling moms focused on homeschool planning for your next school year. The course guide includes prayers, inspiring quotes, video guidance, questions to ask each step of the way and action steps to plan your best homeschool year yet!

Step 1: Work & pray with us!

Join Jenny for three weeks of content to put in the work and spend time in prayer to discern how you can best serve your unique family!

Instead of feeling frazzled or getting lost in endless effort this summer, let Jenny walk you through the steps to be confident and efficient with your planning, so you can enjoy your summer break!

Get Homeschooling with Heart: Jenny's Planning Toolkit for only $39 while in Beta mode!

Step 2: Get personalized guidance!

Add on three live, one-hour, private calls with a Bloom consultant to get super-specific, personalized guidance on the best homeschooling materials and strategies for this year!

Amy, Stacie, or Jenny will help you apply what you learn in the planning toolkit to your needs and those of your children by identifying clear steps towards greater peace with your homeschooling!

Add 3 hours of personal Bloom consultations to Homeschooling with Heart for only $99!

Step 3: Enjoy ongoing accountability!

Spend your summer with the Bloom consultants and a supportive and intimate community of fellow Catholic homeschooling moms in the Sunroom membership!

Through our weekly LIVE calls and monthly masterclasses, you'll find ongoing accountability, inspiration & encouragement, personal skill development, troubleshooting, and more! 

Add 3 months of membership in the Sunroom to Homeschooling with Heart for only $24!