Planning with the Saints Bootcamp


June 19-23: Planning with the Saints Bootcamp

This Bootcamp will provide a path through the nitty gritty details of planning your homeschooling days with daily videos, planning worksheets, encouraging emails, and LIVE group consulting calls. You’ll learn all the details for preparing realistic routines and lesson plans with the wisdom of our holy friends the saints in Heaven!

*Includes both LIVE and self-paced material with access to all content for one week after the LIVE event ends!

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Join us June 19-23 to make real progress in planning your homeschooling days!  This bootcamp includes daily trainings, planning worksheets, and LIVE group consulting calls to help you plan out the nitty gritty details to successful homeschooling, including lesson planning, daily routines, and more!

The Planning with the Saints Bootcamp includes:

  • daily encouraging emails plus worksheets with key concepts and action steps;
  • daily LIVE training calls at 12pm Eastern, Monday-Friday to teach you practical steps to planning;
  • daily LIVE consulting calls (see times below) to help you troubleshoot and make real progress;
  • and access to all content for one week after the LIVE event ends!

When you purchase, you’ll receive a simple confirmation email. Then, look for emails containing tips and links to guide you through the bootcamp starting two days before the first day of our bootcamp!

The LIVE consulting calls will be held Monday @ 2:00pm Eastern, Tuesday & Thursday @ 9:30pm Eastern, Wednesday & Friday @ 4:30PM Eastern. You’re welcome to come for a bit or come late to participate. Bring the kids or put us on speaker while you make dinner!

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