Morning Prayers – Advent

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Advent is a busy time! And over the years I have learned that using resources which have a different prayer or activity for every single day is too overwhelming for me! I would get behind by a day (or more) and rather than add to our peace, it would cause extra stress.

But, daily prayer is probably the most important lesson we can teach our children in our homeschools! So I compiled our Morning Prayers – Ordinary Time booklet years ago as a simple tool to focus on the beautiful holy themes of our Catholic faith!

This Advent version aims to provide the same simplicity and consistency in a weekly format, where the same prayers are said daily for each week of Advent, centered around the traditional Advent themes. Tuck this new resource in your Morning Basket or set it out for breakfast each day to start your family’s day with prayer that is not overwhelming!


This Morning Prayers – Advent booklet includes one page of prayers for each week of Advent. Each week begins with two child-friendly morning offerings and then includes a prayer based on the holy theme traditionally associated with each week of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love. We keep our ordinary time prayer booklet in page protectors in a folder with prongs. It’s a simple but a beautiful way for any family to dedicate each day to Our Lord in faith and prayer.


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