Conversations with Catholic Kids – Questions in Matthew


To me, one of the most important aspects of being a mother and a homeschooler is building relationships with my children. Another key goal is to pass along the beauty and truth of our Catholic faith! This simple resource does both!

Print these pages or save them to your phone and choose one topic to start a conversation about our faith with your kids! Model awe and wonder as you listen carefully to how your children respond to the questions of Christ and patiently answer their questions (model how to look up the answers when you don’t know them, too!).


Conversations with Catholic Kids – Questions in Matthew includes 60 conversation starters from Scripture! I recommend sprinkling in just one a day when you can. You could begin conversations in your Morning Basket or at lunch or dinner when the whole family is gathered! Choose one of the questions Jesus asked in the Gospel of Matthew and use the questions to guide your children to reflect on what Jesus is asking of each one of us in our modern world!


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