Bloom Curriculum & Schedule Review


This unique opportunity is a chance for mamas who pick and choose their own curricula to get all three Bloom consultants to review your choices plus your weekly schedule at a special rate! This amount of feedback from three different consultants is the equivalent of three of our Lily Personal Consults in one. So don’t delay! Finish your plans and send them our way!



Here’s how this works!

  1. Once you purchase the review, we will send you an intake survey to complete.
  2. Then, within 30 days of purchase, you send us a list of all of the materials you plan to use for the upcoming academic year or term with up to three students and a draft schedule of what you plan to accomplish each day in an average week.
  3. Within one week, Jenny, Amy, and Stacie will review your materials and send you our thoughts on your selections, pros and cons to your choices, and recommendations for adjustments, if applicable.

*If you would like a review for more than three students, simply purchase two or more reviews (one for every 3 students). If you only need one consultant to review your materials ($15), simply schedule a regular Lily Personal Consult here!


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