Sunroom Growth Membership – 3 months

In the Sunroom, you’ll find ongoing accountability, encouraging community, inspiration & encouragement, personal skill development, and affordable homeschooling support from consultants who care! The Growth Membership includes:

  • LIVE Weekly Support Calls with Call Notes
  •  LIVE Monthly Masterclasses
  •  Weekly Quick Tips Videos
  •  Library of Masterclass & Quick Tips Recordings
  •  Library of Practical Printables
  •  Monthly One-Hour Personal Consults to Develop Your Path to Progress
  •  AND Daily Asynchronous Consulting Access
  •  AND Library of All Bootcamps & Virtual Retreat Recordings
  •  AND One Custom-Designed Exclusive Masterclass

All live events are currently held on Zoom. Your membership area will have links to all of the recorded and printable resources for you to access at any time on the website!

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