Pray Without Ceasing: A Busy Moms’ Retreat

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As homeschooling moms, personal prayer often takes a back burner to all of our daily minute tasks and monumental responsibilities. There are seasons where time is extremely limited. The picture-perfect ideal of silent prayer in solitude early in the morning before the children awake and the day gets hectic is unattainable for most busy mothers, especially those with young children.

But what can we do? Prayer is still vital to our souls and should not be ignored or despaired of. How can moms improve our prayer lives when so many other things demand our attention? It can seem impossible.


Guess what? When we are frustrated with our prayer life, that’s actually a very good thing. It means that our soul is longing for more connection with God. Rejoice in that desire!

And then just pray. Immediately and always. Pray over the dishes and the laundry. Lift your eyes to God when the noise gets to be too much. Breathe in His grace as you snuggle your littles and silently beg for His mercy when you yell at them. Let your first thoughts in the morning and your last thoughts at night be directed to the Lord. Instead of struggling to find a quiet time to pray by yourself, begin by praying without ceasing.

Pray without Ceasing


Sometimes, even that isn’t easy. Or it is easy but it’s not enough to satisfy our hearts. If that’s the case, spending some time reflecting on our prayer lives and praying for inspiration might be an essential next step. But how do we find time for that?

My Busy Moms' Retreats are designed as a way for busy moms to find that time. And the Pray Without Ceasing Retreat is especially perfect for this kind of reflection!

These retreats for Catholic homeschooling mothers are extremely flexible and can be done in one day or spread out over many days, alone at home or gathered with friends. The retreat guides include prayers, questions for reflection, links to talks and articles, and more.

The Pray Without Ceasing Retreat is available in my shop, along with other titles in the retreat series, each on a different theme, but each designed in the same format to be practical for busy moms. If you’re longing for a deeper prayer life, it is my hope that this retreat will open your heart to God’s guidance.


When we feel disconnected from God, it’s good to want to reconnect with Him, and we should listen to that small voice. It is, however, necessary that we also embrace where we are. Some prayer is better than no prayer, and we should not allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

Just breathe. Do what you can. God’s mercy will fill the gaps.


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