Pandemic Schooling


Homeschool Connections asked me to write a series on schooling at home during this pandemic for my Mom to Mom column there.  If you need some encouragement for these strange times, head on over there!

Are you exhausted, juggling educating the children, keeping those same children entertained, cooking endless meals with limited ingredients, and trying to find toilet paper?

Are you anxious and feeling cooped up, realizing that social distancing is going to last a while—and uneasy because nobody really knows when things will get back to normal?

Here’s a word of wisdom for all of us who aren’t used to homeschooling: You’re not actually homeschooling. You’re schooling at home.

(There’s a difference.)

And if you’re feeling extra stressed, there’s a reason.

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Lonely and Stressed: Homeschooling During a Pandemic

When I read something like, “It’s great that you homeschool so this pandemic is not having much of an effect on your family,” I have to restrain myself from a curt response.

I probably should respond, “We’re definitely blessed that educating our children at home is not new to us. But our daily lives, like everyone else’s, have been significantly disrupted due to not seeing friends, participating in our usual activities, or even leaving the house.”

Because it’s the truth: homeschoolers are lonely and stressed—just like everyone else.

Our family is praying for those who are sick and vulnerable. We’re praying for those who care for the sick, as they are experiencing terrible suffering.

It’s also essential to acknowledge that everyone in our country is impacted in some way. Everyone can be struggling, including long-time homeschoolers.

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Surviving Home Together

As the weeks drag on, this stay at home thing is getting old!

Intellectually, we know that we’re staying home for the common good. We want to protect the vulnerable, our neighbors, and our family members from the virus.

But emotionally, many of us are feeling trapped. As a mom, we get the privilege of helping everyone cope with big feelings.

It’s going to be okay. Though we weren’t able to meet together on Easter, all year round, we are an Easter people—and the victory is already won!

By “keeping the long view” and trusting in the Lord, He will comfort us.

We can make some practical changes, too, to make life easier.

Here are some considerations that can go a long way to keeping home life more peaceful during this time.

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All of my monthly Mom to Mom columns can be found on the Homeschool Connections blog. If you're looking for engaging, flexible online classes taught from a Catholic worldview for grades 4-12, visit their website and learn more. We have been using their Unlimited Access program for four years, which provides our entire family access to over 400 recorded courses, most with course materials and assignments included, for only $360 a year.

And if you are suddenly schooling at home due to the pandemic and want tips from some seasoned Catholic homeschooling families on how to manage it all, consider joining the Facebook group, Catholic families homeschooling during Coronavirus 2020, and ask your questions there!

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