Just Breathe, Mamas!

Is the start of the school year racing towards you at full speed, and you're feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Have you already started your school year, and you're feeling like you dove in without a moment of peace?

Are you starting homeschooling during this unprecedented time and wondering if you can handle it?

Do you desperately thirst for time with God?

I have the solution!

My Do It Yourself (DIY) Day of Grace retreat is an opportunity for peace, joy, and prayer amidst the craziness of these days. This retreat is simple, flexible, and designed specifically for Catholic homeschooling moms needing grace. And don't we all need grace?

Download your retreat guide here and dive in!

You can choose to do the retreat alone or with a few friends, in one day or spread out over many days (or weeks) a little at a time.  If done as written, it will take you 3-6 hours total, but you can adapt it to work for you!

This retreat is flexible, inspiring, and practical! There are questions for personal reflection. There are no prescribed prayers, except for one, allowing you to make the retreat fit your style!

Everything you need is included. Optional assets include a journal, a Bible, a few friends, caffeine, candles, and chocolate!

If you need a moment, a few hours, or a day to just breathe, get your retreat guide here!

To help you get started, watch my intro video below to understand more about how the DIY retreat works!

Most importantly, please share this tool with your fellow Catholic homeschoooling mama friends. We all can use as much grace as we can get!


  • Would you recommend this retreat for mothers of children who are distance learning from their regular school this fall?

    • This is a great question! I think, yes, there would be fruit in going through the retreat. The focus of this particular guide is to examine where you are and surrender that to the Lord, which can apply regardless of whether you are homeschooling or not!


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