I’m NOT a Morning Person!

In college, my roommate gave me the nickname "Jenny Bear" and those of you who know me IRL know that's not reflective of a cuddly nature. It's because of my lack of humanity in the mornings. I have never, to my recollection, ever been a morning person, and growling at anyone who tries to speak to me before my cup of caffeine is habitual.
Unfortunately being a mom forces me to get out of bed earlier than I would like on a daily basis. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of waking up to a spilled container of milk and kids eating cereal off the floor when I fail to get up and help my offspring with their breakfast-ing. So I know I need to get up.
But being a homeschooling mom means there is no morning bell or big yellow bus to miss if I don't get our morning off to a good start. The principal doesn't call. No one knows but me. There are natural consequences that I do have to face, though, like the messy kitchen and the meltdowns in the late afternoon because we didn't start our schoolwork early enough due to my slow motion morning. And God knows.
Last January, I took a course from Pam Barnhill called Put Your Mornings on Autopilot, and although I only made it through half of the course before I petered out, she gave me the motivation and practical tips I needed to start to enjoy my mornings. And it made a big difference for a little while. But now I have slumped back into climbing out of bed after 8am and wondering why noon comes so quickly!
I'm happy to share that Pam has revamped her course, added more accountability, more tips, and more encouragement, to help people like me finish the entire four-week course and set up habits to persist for years to come. And I signed up!
Would you like to join me in Morning Momentum? You only have two more days to sign up (sorry for the late notice), and the course starts this Monday, perfect timing to carry us through the dreaded month of homeschool burnout that February can be!
Together we will learn Pam's 12 simple systems that will set us up for morning success (and will have lasting effects on the rest of our days). We will find peace and productivity as we make progress towards our goals. And we will shed the negative voices in our heads making us feel guilty and incapable of doing the things that we know will positively impact our homeschooling days.
What do I love about the resources Pam creates? She meets homeschool moms where we are and helps us discern the best practices to help us thrive with consistency and a solid plan. She is not going to tell us to get up an hour before our kids or to stop serving cereal. She is not going to tell us to lay out breakfast bars the night before and sleep until noon, letting the kids fend for themselves. She is going to help US figure out what works for US and give us the accountability to make it happen!
I've been given a sneak peek at the new material, because I'm an affiliate for Pam's wonderful products. (and the expanded course looks amazing!) So if you have any questions about the course, please drop them in the comments below. Yes, I benefit financially if you sign up using my link, but you benefit too - because you'll get fantastic content from Pam and fund some of my content, too! Plus, Pam offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. So what do you have to lose?
Read more about what's included and sign up to join me here! And let me know if you sign up, so we can be accountable to one another, too!

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