Homeschooling, Holidays, and Finding Peace


You know the song, “Here Comes Santa Clause?” Well, I have a new version ...

Here comes overwhelm,
Here comes overwhelm,
Right down overwhelm lane!
Presents and travel and all the parties, pullin’ on our brain!
Friends are callin’, children bawlin’, all is busy and bright…
Take a deep breath and say your prayers, cause a plan can make it right!

Smiles and laughter aside, we all know that Thanksgiving leads to Advent leads to Christmas leads to New Year leads to Epiphany…and it all runs together, making us dizzy, tired, and overwhelmed!

How do we avoid feeling overwhelmed by the holiday extra—and find the joy in the season?

There’s a way! We plan for it. Right now!

Balance the Equation: Some Easy Ideas…

The holidays are mostly a lot of fun, but they’re notorious for adding to our schedules and to-do lists.

What can be done?


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