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What spelling curriculum would work best for my child?

How do I teach math while the toddler is screaming?

When will I clean the house or cook dinner?

Why do I feel so overwhelmed?

These are questions often asked in my Facebook group Heart of a Mother: Catholic Homeschooling Moms. And, we have a beautiful community of experienced women whose cumulative wisdom always provides excellent advice.

But, here's the difficulty with asking important questions in short posts on the internet. The following could all be valid answers to these questions:

What spelling curriculum should I use?

  • My child is a natural speller, we don't use a spelling program.
  • We use All About Spelling, because my child has dyslexia.
  • I prefer including our Catholic faith in all subjects, so we use Seton Spelling.

How do I teach math while the toddler is screaming?

  • Your toddler might have a dairy allergy that upsets his tummy; have you tried an elimination diet.
  • Don't let a toddler control you; put him in time out.
  • Toddlers need lots of attention; give her a workbook with numbers, so she can do math, too.

When should I clean the house or cook dinner?

  • I clean on Saturdays and meal prep on Sundays while my husband watches the children.
  • My house isn't very clean, but I spent two hours every day in the kitchen preparing food due to our food allergies.
  • If you plan ahead and schedule a little each day, you can clean and cook dinner daily.

Why do I feel so overwhelmed?

  • You need to take time for yourself and to get a break every day to do things that energize you.
  • Homeschooling is hard; we need to lower our expectations and be okay with doing less.
  • If you are overwhelmed, you need to create a daily schedule and post a family chore chart.

How do I decide which is the right answer for my family?

How do I get more personalized and more accurate advice?

For the past several months, I have been praying, discerning, and working towards creating a mentoring community for Catholic homeschooling moms. Bloom will be a service that will make it simple for veteran homeschooling moms to share their wisdom and experience with those who need it in a personalized one-on-one way.

Now, more than ever, we need one another. And I am excited to take advantage of the gift of technology and connect moms in a new way. It has always been my passion, after all, to connect Catholic homeschooling moms with one another, because I truly believe it's the key to thriving in our vocation!

The Bloom services will allow for both one-time consults and regular calls, as consultants are available. The structure will, hopefully, make it possible for those wanting to help to jump right in and begin consulting with minimal set up. I'll post FAQs soon!

If this endeavor interests you, please sign up to receive updates below. I believe the Lord is calling me to use my organizational and leadership skills to build this service that will further encourage and connect mothers through their homeschooling journeys. Please pray for His will to be done!

I would love to HAVE a homeschooling mentor!

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  • Jenny, I have been thinking that many unconfident homeschool mums could do with a mentor so this sounds great! Will there be a cost involved or will it be a volunteer/not for profit operation?

    • Great question! And I will be posting answers to such FAQs soon! There will be a reasonable cost involved to allow more moms to experience the blessing of helping others while at the same time helping their families with a small income.


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