Homeschool Burnout and How to Overcome It: 10 Quick Tips for Beating Burnout


February is known as homeschool burnout month. It’s when the days can seem long due to dreary weather, rampant illness, and the resulting loneliness.

Some moms just feel weary.

Some moms are calling the school down the street to ask about immediate enrollment.

[But if you’re completely physically, mentally, and emotionally drained and can barely get out of bed, and it’s not just temporary, please seek professional care. That’s not burnout. That’s probably something else that will take more healing than these quick tips.]

For me, burnout creeps in regularly, sometimes in February, sometimes in other months, and I have found that a little effort to boost my attitude can go a long way. A few small changes can prevent serious, life-altering burnout.

Here are ten tips that I have personally and successfully used to help me beat back that sneaking feeling of burnout:

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