He Restores My Soul: A Busy Mom’s Retreat


Weary. It’s a word that often describes mothers, especially homeschooling moms. The weight of our daily responsibilities is heavy, and it’s not uncommon for us to feel worn down by ordinary times.

But these aren’t ordinary times. Our world and our country have been in turmoil for the past couple of years, adding to the stress of our lives.

When life is especially hard, it can be difficult to remember that the Lord is walking with us. But His Word can soothe our souls. In fact, the words of Psalm 23 promise us green pastures and still waters, and in my experience, reflecting on the goodness and mercy of God in this Scripture can carry us through to another day.

He Restores My Soul


I had the privilege this summer to lead two small groups of Catholic homeschooling moms through one day retreats focusing on Psalm 23 and how the Lord indeed restores our souls. Our time together was full of grace and peace, as we felt comforted by the love of Our Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

It is my hope that the Do It Yourself version of this retreat will be a blessing to other moms, as well. These Busy Moms' retreats, each focusing on a different Scripture-based theme, are designed especially for Catholic homeschooling mothers. They are extremely flexible and can be done in one day or spread out over many days, alone at home or gathered with friends. The retreat guides include prayers, questions for reflection, links to talks and articles, and more.

The He Restores My Soul Retreat is available in my shop, along with other titles in the retreat series, each on a different theme, but each designed in the same format to be practical for busy moms. This retreat is an opportunity to allow God to lead us through the darkness into the light, and the resources and reflections included have been carefully selected to illuminate the healing beauty of Psalm 23.


Amidst struggles and chaos, we can often lose sight of the importance of nourishing our faith life. If you’re in that place, a retreat is the ideal way to reconnect with Christ. Even just a resolution to read Scripture daily, whether it’s Psalm 23, the Gospel of the day, or some other verse(s), can be a balm to a weary soul.

Saint Augustine said, “Nourish your soul with Bible reading. It will prepare a spiritual feast for you.” So perhaps put your Bible in a place where you cannot avoid flipping it open daily and reading a few verses, on the kitchen island? near the school table? by your cell phone charger? There is comfort and peace within those pages!

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