Copy of The Mega Catholic Homeschool Curricula List (1)

Introducing The Mega Catholic Homeschool Groups List! I’m super excited about finally having this project completed and available to all of you! Read more about why I created this listing here! This listing includes Catholic homeschooling groups that have an online presence via a website, email group, Facebook group, etc. Personal emails will never be posted or linked on this list. Listing does not indicate an endorsement of any kind.

Please note, this list is not exhaustive and will constantly be under construction due to groups forming and dissolving, since that's just the nature of volunteer-run organizations. If you find a broken link or one to add, please let me know by contacting me at this link. Thanks!

Note: There are several national Catholic homeschooling programs which have local chapters around the United States and maintain their own directories. Scroll below the list of states to find those programs and see if any meet near you!

Catholic Homeschooling Programs with Local Groups

Click on the program name to find their locations.

Catholic Homeschool Conference Groups

These groups have held conferences to connect Catholic homeschoolers.

These locations have hosted a Catholic homeschooling conference recently but do not have static links, as far as I know. If interested, you can contact me at jenny at heartofamother dot net for their info:

  • Sarasota, FL

Note - As far as we at Heart of a Mother understand, all of the above groups are faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.