God Is Everywhere

Mamas, our job is hard...in the best of times. And, I'm pretty sure the majority of us would not call this year the best. Today I'm pleased to share this inspiring post by my dearest friend, Emily. She's the one that turns my eyes to Christ when I'm overwhelmed and reminds me to calm the world around me by "keeping my head down" so I can look my children in the eyes!


I am the mother of the best six year old in the world.  The reason he is the best six year old in the world is because he asks the best questions.  He’s thinking all day.  He’s watching.  He’s taking it in and he’s wondering about it.

Sometimes he asks his questions when it is his turn at the table in our homeschool room but usually he asks them when four other people are telling me things or bleeding or something.  I’ll have to make a mental note to add bandaids to the grocery list AND get back to this sweet child to discuss how we know, for example, that tables don’t have feelings.  

A LOT of questions have to do with God.  What does God look like?  Does God go to the bathroom?  Does God sleep?  Why doesn’t God get hungry?  Well, last week we were reading his children’s catechism and discussing the qualities of God that we know are true.

“Where is God?”  “God is everywhere.”

“Can God do all things?” “Yes, God can do all things”.  

“Does God know all things?” “Yes, God knows all things”. 

“Did God have a beginning?” “No, God had no beginning.  He always was”.  

I have been pondering these truths over the last few days -  These truths that I want even my youngest children to know in the deepest parts of their little hearts.  Maybe one day they will find themselves standing in the middle of a country on fire while trying their best to keep the world spinning for their family as one thing after another spirals out of control.  


But they will know what I know.  God is everywhere.  He is in my home.  God can do all things.  He can keep my world spinning when I can barely remember the last time I had all of the ducks in the right rows.  God knows all things.  He already knows.  He knows 2 months from now.  He knows 10 years from now.  He knows how this ends and in the end we are ok.  

I trust that.  I believe that. I lean on that truth.   

You should too.  God sees you.  He sees your home.  He sees your husband at work and your kids at play.  God sees you.  Maybe you are tempted to think that He is disappointed in how you are handling these times.  Maybe He did see you lose your temper with a kid or set up camp in resentment-ville with your hubby.  But He also saw all the times you didn’t.

He watched you move about your kitchen setting out plates - noting which person doesn’t like green beans and giving them a little extra piece of bread so they aren’t too hungry.  He watched you play outside even though it is.so.hot  because your kids were climbing the walls and they needed open spaces.  He watched you assess the laundry situation to make sure your husband had something clean to wear to work the next day.  He watched you steal away for a few minutes to have a cup of coffee and pray.  He watched you send a message to check on a friend. 

He sees how wonderful you are.  He sees how beautifully you love the people He gave you.  He sees how great you are doing even if you don’t think you are.  He loves you so much and He knows this is hard.  

Emily Hebda is a convert to Catholicism who married her high school sweetheart and has been homeschooling for nine years. She and her beloved live in Fort Worth, Texas with their four boys and one little girl.

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