Finding Catholic Homeschooling Groups Near You

Copy of The Mega Catholic Homeschool Curricula List (1)

I’ve previously written that I would guess something like 99% of moms who are personally connected with other homeschoolers will feel more confident about homeschooling and continue to homeschool the following year than those who are not. And this is the primary reason that I began my Heart of a Mother ministry!

We need each other, mamas! And so, even though online communities are beneficial and can be the foundation of personal connections, I firmly believe, especially after these past two complicated years, that in-person connections are absolutely crucial to our well-being, especially as our online and virtual worlds grow exponentially.

In fact, being intentional about building relationships for ourselves and our children with other Catholic homeschoolers has long been a priority in my family. We drive the extra twenty minutes. We seek out that unique activity for our loneliest child. We invite friends over to our house, even when it’s messy and the schoolwork didn’t get done.

Now I realize that sometimes there are no other Catholic homeschoolers within 30 minutes and some families don’t have the transportation to drive even that far. Obviously, that makes things more challenging, and in those cases, online communities can help. But it’s never the ideal.

So I have spent the past several months working on a new resource for Catholic homeschoolers. Similar to The Mega Catholic Homeschooling Curriculum List which I created to be sure families know these lovely, faith-filled options exist, I have just published The Mega Catholic Homeschooling Groups List to maybe make it a little easier for us to find one another in the real world!

This list has links to Catholic homeschooling groups in almost all 50 states to help you make in-person connections with families who live near you! Check it out and be sure to send me a message if your group’s link isn’t posted, as this is just the beginning of what I hope will be a useful resource for years to come!


  • I have my only son almost 16 years old and I
    would like to know info about colleges if that would be possible.

    Thank you and God bless you!


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