Enough: Do I Have What it Takes to Homeschool (You do)


Am I smart enough to homeschool? (I never had good grades in school…)

Am I qualified enough to homeschool? (I’m not a certified teacher…)

Am I patient enough to homeschool? (I lose my temper just about every day…)

Does any of this sound familiar?

Whether you’re considering homeschooling or have been homeschooling for many years, we all have doubts at one time or another about taking on the enormous responsibility of homeschooling a child.

At some point, almost every homeschooling mom wonders: Am I really the best person to be educating my children?

Yes, mama. You. Are. Enough.

You are smart enough, qualified enough, and patient enough—because His grace is enough!

God can work with anyone willing to cooperate with His grace. It doesn’t matter what our lives have looked like up to this point. If the Lord placed a calling on our hearts to homeschool our children (His children), then He will provide all we need to educate them according to His will.

In fact, you are the very best person to teach your child anything—because you love your child infinitely…and because God has prepared you for this task:

For we are his handiwork, created in Christ Jesus for the good works that God has prepared in advance, that we should live in them. Ephesians 2:10

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