Enjoying the Summer: Homeschool Style

summer fun
I wrote this post last summer but neglected to share it here. If you need some structure to your summer days, these tips should be helpful for any summer, pandemic or not!

Spring was spent in quarantine, and all of a sudden, it’s June! We even finished our homeschool year a few weeks early, because we spent so much more time at home than usual!

Did summer sneak up on you, too?

Usually, we are ready for our summer break from homeschool groups and some of our extracurricular activities. But we have had quite a break already.

Summer seems like it will be different this year, and I was feeling a little lost on how to spend our days. Then I remembered three keys that have helped us in the past.

During summer break, focusing on reading, learning, and creating have always brought us joy. These are, admittedly, things we do all year long, but in the summer, we enjoy them in a more relaxed way, often with ice cream!

If you take a summer break of any length, I invite you to join me in resisting the temptation to schedule every hour and instead to find easy ways to add meaningful fun to our days!

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