Dear Mama,

Thank you for homeschooling your children! Your numerous sacrifices are an incredible gift that will bless your family for all their lives. Each one of your children are living a privileged life as homeschooled kids. And, as an added bonus, this path will sanctify you and me, as we are forced to grow in virtue and pushed to lean on God to get through many challenging times.

You are doing a fantastic job! Yes, you are doing enough. Yes, you are doing it right. How do I know this? Because you do it out of love. Of course, we all make mistakes most days, but it is even through those errors that we are teaching our children how to live as Christians. Allow yourself the grace to believe that God can and will repair the wounds and fill in the gaps where we fail.

Believe that your mother’s love is the key to successful homeschooling. It’s not the “right” curriculum or method. It’s not your children’s test scores or achievements. Your passionate love of your children, the heart that wants the very best for them and so chooses to do this hard thing, is all they need to thrive.

I sincerely believe that homeschooling is the mothering approach that gives our children the best chance at growing to know, love, and serve God in a healthy home environment. Being with our children almost all day, every day provides endless opportunities for training in virtue. Prayerfully designing their education allows us to place God and family at the center of everything, as it should be.

So again, on behalf of your children, who might someday actually thank you for being homeschooled (but might not!), I thank you. The world needs more faith and more heart, and you are filling your children with both by your mere presence. Your diligence and devotion bless our broken society through your children’s future.

May God fill you with the confidence and peace that you are fulfilling His will for your families by homeschooling!

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