days of grace

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding DFW Days of Grace


What do we do all day?

  • This is a directed retreat. Sometimes there are speakers; sometimes not. We try to keep the morning focused on spiritual things and the afternoon on practical things, but of course, they intermingle. There are several chunks of time throughout the day for quiet prayer in the chapel or on the grounds and quite a few small group discussions. One goal of the retreat is for moms to meet and chat with almost every other mom in attendance, so there is plenty of conversation. But there is also time set aside to pray and process and moms can always slip away for more of this if they need it. The retreat is focused more on personal reflection than on faith sharing.

Who runs the retreat?

  • Jenny does! Building upon the wisdom of the Grace Days™ initiative, Jenny has led this retreat in various forms, 2-3 times a year since 2015, constantly tweaking and changing things to suit the needs of attendees. Jenny had six years of experience running retreats for youth and young adults and three years of experience running a Catholic homeschooling conference before beginning these retreats for Catholic homeschooling moms in San Antonio and then in Dallas-Fort Worth.

What type of Mass is said?

  • When held at the Nazareth Retreat Center, we join the Sisters of Nazareth for their Saturday morning Convent Mass. It is a Novus Ordo daily mass. If we have a priest joining us for our retreat, he will often say the Mass; otherwise the Sisters usually have a retired priest come to say that Mass.

Will there be Confessions?

  • Maybe. That depends on if we can find a priest to help us or not. If you know a priest who might be willing to join us, please contact Jenny ASAP.

Can I bring my nursing baby?

  • Absolutely! All nurslings are welcome. We often have tween/teen girls who come along to help in the kitchen and also love to help with the babies if you're comfortable with that.

May I arrive late and/or leave early?

  • Yes, you may. That is not a problem. Just be sure to let Jenny know, so she can plan accordingly. Obviously, you will be missing out on a few things. We begin the day with Mass and end the day making goals and sharing prayer requests.

If I have special dietary needs, do I need to bring my own food?

  • Maybe. Breakfast is potluck, so if you bring a dish to share that meets your needs that works well. We always have gluten free options at lunch, but if you have other needs, you may wish to bring your own food. We have access to a kitchen, but there is no microwave.

What if I cannot afford the registration fee?

  • We have scholarships available! Please do not let cost prevent you from attending. Simply contact Jenny and request assistance.

What if I have more questions or want to register?

  • Visit this page and/or contact Jenny at jenny dot heartofamother at gmail dot com