The Mega Catholic Homeschool Curricula List (2)

Introducing The Mega Catholic Homeschool Curriculum List! I’m super excited about having this project completed and available to all of you! Read more about how and why I created this listing here, including why I think all Catholic homeschoolers should check these Catholic resources FIRST before looking into other options! And if you know of a resource that isn't listed below, please contact me, so I can consider adding it. This listing includes Catholic materials that have either been specifically designed for homeschoolers or have been successfully used by homeschoolers for many years. Listing does not indicate an endorsement of any kind.


Jenny is currently compiling a separate listing of curriculum recommendations per subject area which are not Catholic but are excellent!
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Full Enrollment Programs

These programs offer full enrollment, which usually includes lesson plans, grading, and consulting and may or may not include or offer books and/or online classes. Some may also be used without enrolling. Those with asterisks are accredited.

Angelicum Academy*

PS-12 Great Books

Kolbe Academy*

PS-12 Classical & Flexible

Nobis Pacem

PS-12 En Espanol

Our Lady of the Rosary

PK-12 Completely Catholic

Our Lady of Victory*

K-12 Traditional & Flexible

Seton Home School*

K-12 Academic

Online Programs

These online programs may or may not offer full enrollment, lesson plans, grading, and consulting, but all consist of primarily online classes either live or self-paced. Those with asterisks are accredited.

Bellarmine Studies

6-12 Traditional, Academic

Catholic Virtual*

K-12 Catholic School

Classical Liberal Arts Academy

PK-12 Classical Liberal Arts

Greats Honors Program

9-12 Great Books

Homeschool Connections

3-12 Flexible, Expert Instructors

Oxrose Academy*

7-12 Classical

Queen of Heaven Academy*

4-12 Classical, Traditional

Veritas Christi*

9-12 Special Needs

Full Curricula

These full programs include lesson plans but remain flexible and self-paced. Some sell books; some do not.

Aquinas Learning

PK-12 Classical, Scholastic

Catholic Heritage Curricula

PS-8 Complete, Gentle

Mater Amabilis

PS-12 Charlotte Mason

Salt + Light

PK-8 Minimalist

Schola Rosa

K-6 Digital, Cyclical

St. Thomas School

K-12 Living Books

Memory Work Programs

These programs are designed as memory work to supplement a curriculum or be a foundation to build a full curriculum.

Preschool Programs

These programs are designed specifically for preschoolers and not included in the above programs.

26 Letters to Heaven

Simple, Flexible

Catholic ABCs

Hands-on, Scripted

Little Saints

Multi-sensory, Liturgical

Subject Area Resources

These resources are published separately from any of the above programs.


K-12 Theology of the Body

Spirit of Truth

K-8 Religion

Homeschooling Services

These are services designed for Catholic homeschoolers.

Bloom Homeschool Consulting

K-12 Educational Consulting

Little Way Readers

2-3 Guided Reading Groups

Secret Garden Educational Pathways

K-12 Special Education Therapy

Other Online Resources

These are online resources that can be helpful to Catholic homeschoolers.

K-Adult Religious Education

Catholic Brain

PK-8 Faith Formation

My Catholic Faith Delivered

K-Adult Faith Formation

Other Catholic Publishers

These publishers produce many titles and materials helpful to homeschoolers.

Hillside Education

Historical Fiction, Language Arts

Holy Heroes


Mary's Books

Saint Stories

Our Father's House

Classical, Montessori

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Need help deciding?

Heart of a Mother believes that each family is unique and should seek a homeschooling approach that best fits their special circumstances. But it can be tricky with so many amazing options to figure out which curriculum and materials might work best!

Our Bloom consultants are Catholic homeschooling veterans with knowledge and experience on many of the above options. We are here to help you identify your homeschooling priorities and the needs of your children. It's our joy to guide you towards both curricula and approaches that will help you bloom as a homeschooling mother!

We are just a call or email away at any time! Our sessions are flexible, affordable, personalized, and encouraging!

Note - As far as we at Heart of a Mother understand, all of the above companies and programs are faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.