Busy Moms’ Retreats

I'm so excited to share with you these new resources to help busy Catholic homeschooling mamas step back and reflect on our faith and our vocations! I'll explain why I created these and how they work in this video! Head on over to the shop to choose your retreat theme!

Not sure if investing in a DIY retreat is what you need? After following the Embrace Today retreat, Emily shared...

I can not say enough about the retreat that Jenny has created! She is so thoughtful and considerate of various stages of motherhood that these questions and invitations to ponder are universal. I have been homeschooling for ten years and have a large family with lots of ages and stages happening and this retreat helped me to look freshly at my oldest children and creatively at the newer students at my kitchen table. I also appreciate the importance that Jenny places on the key to homeschooling which is that moms need to know themselves! This retreat was a beautiful experience for me and I am so thankful for the work Jenny does for our community of Catholic homeschooling moms!!

You can also listen to me share what inspired me to create these retreats and how they work on the Homeschooling Saints podcast, Episode 94.

And then choose your retreat theme and dive in!

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