Attention DFW Catholic Homeschoolers!

Here's all the info you need to shop and/or sell at my annual book sale this year:

Who: YOU! All Catholic homeschoolers and their friends are invited. Please share the event with people you know personally but do not post it publicly anywhere. Thanks!

What: A giant sale of used books and materials related to homeschooling; any educational materials are welcome!

When: Friday, June 7, 7-9pm and Saturday, June 8, 2024, 9-12pm for the public (there is a pre-sale open only to sellers!)

Where: Jenny's garage; it will be hot despite the fans, bring water!

How: Shoppers, bring bags/carts/boxes/wagons to carry your things and cash, check, or Venmo to pay; you'll make one payment to Jenny for everything at one time!

Why: Because books are awesome and homeschooling is a blessing but bargains are amazing!

Seller Info: See this link for all of the details for sellers; message me if you have questions!

Seller Signup: Sign up here by May 31st, but the sooner, the better, please!

NOTE: If you are local to DFW and want to be sure to get updates on this sale each year, please email me for an invite to my Gaggle Mail list!


Click here for the folder of photos of all the books being sold this year, so you can browse and make a list before you come to shop! (updated daily)

FAQs for Shoppers

Can I bring my kids to shop? You can if you must, and they must stay within your sight at all times. It's quite crowded in my garage during the sale, and I don't really have a driveway. So the busy alley isn't a safe place for kids to hang out.

Will all of the materials be Catholic? No. I do not even guarantee that all of the items will be Catholic-friendly. If I see something obviously problematic, I will set it aside, but since there are materials from a variety of families, each family must do their own research based on their comfort level with using non-Catholic materials.

Do you have Saxon 6/5? Do you have First Form Latin? etc... You will have to come and look. We usually have hundreds of items, so I cannot possibly reply to every request to look for a particular item. The week of the sale, I will be posting photos in this folder of all materials which will be available for sale. Check back daily; final updates will be posted by noon on June 7th.

Other questions? Reach out at jenny dot heartofamother at gmail dot com with questions or if you need my address!