Why Bloom?

Our consulting service is called Bloom, because our primary goal is to help Catholic homeschooling moms bloom in their vocations. St. Francis de Sales wrote:

Truly charity has no limit; for the love of God has been poured into our hearts by His Spirit dwelling in each one of us, calling us to a life of devotion and inviting us to bloom in the garden where He has planted and directing us to radiate the beauty and spread the fragrance of His Providence. (emphasis mine)

Some of us chose homeschooling and some of us fell into it by necessity, but we can all thrive where we are by relying on Christ and the right resources. Our consultants might be just the assistance you need to bloom where you're planted and find peace and joy amidst the daily challenges of your vocation.

Maybe you have wise mamas in your life who can counsel you individually. Maybe you feel confident in sorting through the advice on social media. But maybe you need a detailed conversation with a homeschooling veteran who can be objective and honest in providing a new perspective to whatever struggle you're facing. Read more about how a mentor can help you sort through the all of the good ideas here.

It is our goal that we can help Catholic homeschooling moms find peace and confidence by applying the wisdom of experienced mamas to their unique situations and allow those veteran moms to enjoy the blessing of helping others while at the same time helping their families with a small income. My hope is that by setting up this platform, more moms can get and give personalized guidance to enable their families to thrive in the homeschooling lifestyle.

How Does Bloom Work?

Bloom by Heart of a Mother has a variety of consultants excited to share their homeschooling wisdom and experience with you! Here's how you can get personalized advice from Catholic homeschooling veteran moms today!

Step One: Create your free account to gain access to the Bloom Dashboard. There is no commitment to purchase a session when you create an account. Bonus: once you have a free account, you gain access to periodic complimentary group mentoring calls!

Step Two: Tell us about why you are looking for a consultant today and review the biographies of our consultants to see who might be a good fit for you.

Step Three: Sign up for your session, choosing the format (email or personal by audio/video call), consultant, and time that works for you, and make payment.

Then, enjoy the one-on-one personal attention from a dedicated consultant who will listen to your needs and help you identify action steps!

*If more help is needed, repeat.


Who are the Bloom Consultants?

  • Consultants are Catholic homeschooling mothers who have at least 5 years of experience homeschooling their own children and have been hired as consultants by Heart of a Mother based on their knowledge, experience, and ability to encourage fellow moms. You can meet our consultants here!

What types of help can consultants provide?

  • Consultants can help with almost any homeschooling issue you can imagine. They can help you choose curriculum, troubleshoot difficulties, and direct you to further resources.

Do I have to be a Catholic and currently homeschooling to enjoy Bloom?

  • While all of our consultants give advice from a Catholic perspective and are most familiar with Catholic homeschooling practices and programs, they are happy to help all homeschooling moms.
  • If you are intending to homeschool or considering homeschooling, a consultant could definitely provide key information to help you make those decisions.

Can I talk to a Bloom Consultant even if I have an official consultant through a homeschooling program?

  • Absolutely! We are here to help anyone in need of guidance. It often helps to hear another perspective from someone with different experiences. But our consultants cannot replace the expertise those consultants provide to families enrolled with their particular program and will defer to those consultants when appropriate.

What options are currently available for consults?

  • Do you have a one-topic question or a simple issue to troubleshoot? You want our Lily Consult - one detailed email response or a 20 minute call for $15.
  • Do you have several questions or need in-depth help? You want our Rose Consult - three detailed email responses or a 60 minute call for $45.
  • As our consultants gain experience and receive excellent ratings, they will be able to offer higher level consults to distinguish them as exceptional mentors.

Why not offer this for free?

  • Our consultants are generous and caring, and their primary vocation is to their own homes and children. By charging a nominal fee for their time, this honors their desire to help others while contributing in a small way to the well-being of their families.

What do I do if I have more questions or the website isn't working for me?

  • Contact Jenny! She's happy to help! Send a message to jenny (at) heartofamother (dot) net


Lily Consult

15 minute call or

1 detailed email response

one time $15

bundle 5 sessions for $60


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Rose Consult

60 minute call or

4 detailed email responses

one time $45

bundle 5 sessions for $180