Enough: Do I Have What it Takes to Homeschool (You do)

Am I smart enough to homeschool? (I never had good grades in school…) Am I qualified enough to homeschool? (I’m not a certified teacher…) Am I patient enough to homeschool? (I lose my temper just about every day…) Does any of this sound familiar? Whether you’re considering homeschooling or have been homeschooling for many years, […]

Panic to Surrender: A Homeschool Mom’s Back-to-School Emotions

We start our school year next week, and my emotions are all over the place as I prepare for our 13th official year of home education. The anticipation of a new academic year has always been appealing to me. I love brand new notebooks and pencils (only Ticonderoga) and books! New books are like an […]

Plan Your Year with Pam

Plan Your Year by Pam Barnhill is a precious gift to the homeschooling community! Especially in this day when there are so many ways to homeschool, different curricula, different programs, different philosophies, I believe that Pam’s approach equips homeschoolers to confidently make choices about their materials and their schedules that fit their families’ unique needs. […]

Plan Your Year 2017 Thoughts

Reposting from June 19, 2017 with editing (and affiliate links): THE ORIGINAL KIT Pam Barnhill, a fellow homeschooling mama, has created a remarkable resource to bridge the gap between the theoretical homeschool and the day to day reality. Her Plan Your Year Kit is a true gem, and if you are hoping to be more intentional about planning […]

Divine Mercy for Our Children

Divine Mercy for Our Children (written and originally posted in 2012) …I want to share a gift of understanding the Lord gave me at Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday (in 2012). I was appropriately pondering the mercy of God and how He continues to embrace us despite our weaknesses. My reflection focused on how I […]