Attention Catholic Homeschoolers Looking for Curricula: Check Here First!

Introducing The Mega Catholic Homeschool Curriculum List! I’m super excited about having this project completed and available to all of you! Last year, I shared a printable list and some tips and reviews, but I dreamed up something bigger and better this year. I am appreciative of the amazing variety of Catholic resources that exist […]

Carrying the Family Cross: A Mother’s Reflection on the Stations of the Cross

This lovely reflection encourages mothers to walk the Way of the Cross with their children just as Mary walked with Jesus. My dear friend Selina has always been an encouraging support to me by both acknowledging my accomplishments and calling me out when I need to be redirected. Her heart is full of faith and […]

New Beginnings

Happy New Year! It’s a fresh start, a new calendar (goodbye 2020)! And the world is abuzz with New Year’s Resolutions. Many of us are inspired to look back, look ahead, and make goals. Some of them are reasonable and realistic, but very few of us will end 2021 by feeling we have upheld every […]

A Holy Christmas

A Holy Christmas

Several years ago, I was blessed to spend some time with a few fellow moms in prayer on the Saturday before Christmas. We wanted to take time away from the busy to be with the Lord and reflect on the end of this Advent season. The prayers and reflections we used during our time together […]