Pandemic Schooling

Homeschool Connections asked me to write a series on schooling at home during this pandemic for my Mom to Mom column there.  If you need some encouragement for these strange times, head on over there! Why Pandemic Schooling Is Harder Than Homeschooling – And 14 Tips to Make It Easier Are you exhausted, juggling educating […]

Saints Club

Are you one of those moms who really wants to do more to celebrate the liturgical year but just can’t seem to fit it in or maybe just can’t get motivated to put in the extra effort on top of everything else? If you know 3-7 other moms in the same situation, I might have […]

Enough: Do I Have What it Takes to Homeschool (You do)

Am I smart enough to homeschool? (I never had good grades in school…) Am I qualified enough to homeschool? (I’m not a certified teacher…) Am I patient enough to homeschool? (I lose my temper just about every day…) Does any of this sound familiar? Whether you’re considering homeschooling or have been homeschooling for many years, […]