Behold the New: A Busy Moms’ Retreat

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Are you ready? It's back to school time! I'm a big fan of new school years beginning! I love fresh starts and new plans!

But this is also a stressful time with a roller coaster of emotions and so. much. to. do! Every year I seem to get my planning done later and later, which robs me of some of my peace as I feel the time crunch before our first day of school. And I know I'm not alone!

That's why I'm starting a new tradition. Amidst these busy days, I am determined not to lose my focus, not to lose sight of the real reason I choose to homeschool - to lead my children to Christ's will for their lives. So I've created another one of my Do It Yourself Retreats for busy homeschooling moms and will be going through it next week! Would you like to join me?


An essential part of Christian living is acknowledging that because of Christ we are different than we would be without Him. We are truly new creations. Therefore, it seems to me that the perfect time to reflect on that truth is the beginning of a new homeschool year.

In fact, locally, I run retreat days for Catholic homeschooling moms throughout the year, and the retreats with the most moms in attendance are always in August. We need a spiritual reset as we launch into an academic year, to pause and pray and think about the big picture, important concepts that can easily get lost amidst the math and the dishes.

Living live intentionally requires taking time to reflect on how Christ makes our whole world new, and it is my hope that this new retreat will provide that opportunity for busy moms! We will take time to reflect on what we need to let go of and how to begin again to seek sanctification for ourselves and our families.

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I am most excited that this particular retreat provides extra options for busy moms! Most of us don't have time to get away for a weekend or weeklong retreat. We barely are able to go to the restroom alone! But we are in need of God's grace to do this hard thing.

Because of this, all of my Busy Moms' Retreats are designed to be extremely flexible. Each one focuses on a different Scripture-based theme designed especially for Catholic homeschooling mothers. They can be done in one day or spread out over many days, alone at home or gathered with friends. The retreat guides include prayers, questions for reflection, links to talks and articles, and more. You make these retreats work for you!

But wait! This time, there's one more option!


Next week, August 1-5, 2022, you can join me, as I pray through Behold the New! You can grab your FREE copy of this Back to School retreat and work through it at your own pace throughout the week, knowing that other moms are praying through the material at the same time.

Or you can sign up for the EXTRAS for only $25 and join us day by day both in spirit and online to integrate prayer and reflection throughout our busy days, as we change diapers and plan lessons, as we fold laundry and teach algebra! Behold the New Plus includes the printable retreat guide plus these extras:

  • 5 pre-recorded videos where I introduce sub-themes for each day and present optional mini-challenges for you to reflect on throughout your busy day
  • A printable journal to help you integrate and pray through the retreat guide and daily bonus material
  • 5 daily live Zoom calls with Jenny to discuss the daily themes and mini-challenges and pray together at the end of each day


If you're not able to participate on your own or with us online next week, you can still download the FREE Behold the New retreat guide and use it whenever you're able. Taking time to reflect on our faith and our vocations as Catholic homeschooling moms brings peace to our hearts and our homes.

In fact, the Embrace Today retreat is another great retreat to do at the start of a new school year! It's the first DIY retreat I released during the pandemic when we couldn't hold our local in-person retreats, and it's a lovely experience.

Regardless of whether you join us next week in spirit and/or online or wait for another time to pray through one of these Busy Moms' Retreats, I will be praying for you to receive the grace you need to homeschool with confidence at the start of this new year!

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