Plan Your Year with Pam

Plan Your Year by Pam Barnhill is a precious gift to the homeschooling community! Especially in this day when there are so many ways to homeschool, different curricula, different programs, different philosophies, I believe that Pam’s approach equips homeschoolers to confidently make choices about their materials and their schedules that fit their families’ unique needs. […]

Plan Your Year 2017 Thoughts

Reposting from June 19, 2017 with editing (and affiliate links): THE ORIGINAL KIT Pam Barnhill, a fellow homeschooling mama, has created a remarkable resource to bridge the gap between the theoretical homeschool and the day to day reality. Her Plan Your Year Kit is a true gem, and if you are hoping to be more intentional about planning […]

Divine Mercy for Our Children

Divine Mercy for Our Children (written and originally posted in 2012) …I want to share a gift of understanding the Lord gave me at Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday (in 2012). I was appropriately pondering the mercy of God and how He continues to embrace us despite our weaknesses. My reflection focused on how I […]

The Power of Silence

As busy mothers, our lives are loud. Kids are naturally noisy, and the more we have, the more that noise is multiplied, especially when they are home all day long in a homeschooling household. So when our moms’ group decided to read and discuss The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise by Robert […]

Pray Ponder Prepare Plan (Part 1)

Homeschooling without a box curriculum, enrollment, or set program requires a little more advance time than if I am just ordering one set of books and plans and preparing those for the next school year. I generally seriously start thinking about the following year shortly after Christmas! I have planned 12 homeschool years, so far, […]