About Me



I'm a Catholic homeschooling mom who is passionate about encouraging and connecting mothers through their homeschooling journeys. My husband and I have been married since 1999 and live in North Texas with our 4 children, ages 10-20, who have been homeschooled all their lives. My homeschool philosophy is "whatever works" with a smattering of literature-based learning, Charlotte Mason, and Classical elements. I am addicted to tea (hot and sweet), dark chocolate, red wine, college football, and mystery novels and cannot resist an opportunity to coordinate a conference, retreat, co-op, book study, social group, and/or moms night out. I love to reflect on all aspects of Catholic homeschooling through the lens of our incredible Catholic faith.

My experiences as a Catholic homeschooling mom have taught me that:

  • Our Catholic faith is the most essential aspect of our family's life and homeschooling journey.
  • We submit to the teaching authority of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church to gain true freedom.
  • In homeschooling, there are very few absolutes and many options.
  • There is no one right homeschooling curriculum or philosophy.
  • Homeschooling families should be free to find the approaches that work for them.
  • No approach works forever in homeschooling or family life; everything changes, and we must adapt.
  • All parents are capable of homeschooling but not every family should homeschool.
  • Parents are and should behave as the primary educators of their children.
  • Asking for help is brave and essential.
  • Encouragement is grace.

And that's why I created Heart of a Mother and Bloom Consulting! So that YOU can find the ongoing encouragement and support you need regardless of your curriculum choices and in light of your unique family. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find what you need. If not, contact me below!